Campus Partnerships

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  • Academy for Inclusive Learning and Social Growth

    The KSU Writing Center designs and leads a writing-focused curriculum for the Academy’s Summer Intensive sessions. Students learn to develop their own writing processes as they prepare a public presentation. 

  • Department of Adult and Commuter Student Affairs

    The KSU Writing Center works with the Lifelong Learning Center (LLC) to provide workshops on writing-related topics customized to the interests and needs of adult learners. The LLC also hosts one of the KSU Writing Center satellite locations.

    "The partnership established with the KSU Writing Center and Adult Learner Programs to offer a satellite location has been a huge success and a win-win for our students. Adult learners, nontraditional, and commuter students have the ability to work with a tutor in an environment they are already comfortable with. It also addresses the dual needs of convenience and 'no-appointment-needed' options that many of our students appreciate due to their demanding academic and personal schedules." - Veronica Jones, Coordinator and Supervisor of Student Support, ALP

  • Department of Career Planning and Development

    The KSU Writing Center partners with the Career Services Center to provide workshops designed to help students prepare their writing for the work world.

    "Students who attend the 'Perfecting Your Personal Statement' workshop are always pleased they took the time to attend the session. The information is very helpful and, more importantly, takes the mystery out of writing that important essay for admission into graduate school." - Karen Marks, Assistant Director

  • Department of Residence Life

    The Department of Residence Life and the KSU Writing Center partner to offer a satellite KSU Writing Center location in the University Village Suites North. 

  • Georgia Writers Association

    The Georgia Writers Association and the KSU Writing Center jointly produce entertaining and instructional podcasts available on iTunesU via the "Words to the Wise" channel. The most recent series is titled "What Reality Television Can Teach Us About Writing."

  • KSU Coles College of Business - Hughes Leadership and Career Program

    The KSU Writing Center supports students enrolled in the Hughes Leadership and Career Program through the development of a series of customized online writing modules and a specialized writing assistant housed within the program. 

  • International Student Retention Services / Global Village

    International Student Retention Services and the KSU Writing Center partner to offer a satellite KSU Writing Center location in the Global Village. The KSU Writing Center also offers specialized workshops in the Global Village for international students. 

  • Intensive English Program

    The KSU Writing Center works with faculty members in the Intensive English Program to provide specialized workshops for international students learning English.

  • Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project

    The Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project (KMWP) is a community of Pre-K-16 teachers working to improve education by supporting “teachers teaching teachers” in the spirit of the National Writing Project. Based at Kennesaw State University, KMWP enjoys a collaborative relationship with the KSU Writing Center in their joint endeavors to promote literacy and student achievement. KMWP and the KSU Writing Center are available to assist schools with professional development in writing and literacy, including the establishment of peer writing centers.

  • M.S. in Conflict Management Program

    "The KSU Writing Center is a valuable tool that our graduate students benefit from throughout their entire program. Thanks to the KSU Writing Center, our students can confidently master written communication skills." - the faculty of the MSCM Department
  • M.S. in Criminal Justice Program

    "The Sociology and Criminal Justice Department appreciates the support and guidance that the KSU Writing Center gives to all our students. The Center is also kind enough to attend our new student orientation each fall to explain the services offered through the Center and to aid them in their graduate studies." - the faculty of the SCJ Department
  • M.S. in International Policy Management

    "The Master of Science in International Policy Management is an online program. The Writing Center offers an online version of its services that accommodates both our students’ needs and the program format." - the faculty of the SIPM Department
  • Office of Community Engagement

    "In 2015, the Office of Community Engagement had the opportunity to work with the Writing Center on developing content for our new website. They challenged us to think with the perspective of our audience in mind, and as a result we were able to create a website that helps drive our various audiences to specific content that applies to them. We look forward to working with the Writing Center again in the future!" - KSU's Office of Community Engagement

  • Office of Development

    The Office of Development and the KSU Writing Center offer joint workshops on writing scholarship application essays and partner to help scholarship recipients write thank-you notes to their benefactors. 

  • RRPG Program for Hispanic and Latino Students

    The Office of Development and the KSU Writing Center offer joint workshops on writing scholarship application essays.

  • Student-Athlete Success Services

    The KSU Writing Center provides both face-to-face and online training in working with student writers for tutors who work with Student-Athlete Success Services. The Writing Center also supports student athletes through workshops and instruction in the Center.

  • WellStar College of Health and Human Services

    The KSU Writing Center conducts workshops for the faculty of the WellStar College of Health and Human Services on topics such as the use TurnItIn as a tool to help students avoid plagiarism.