Classroom Visits

KSU Writing Center writing assistants are available to visit any class or group to introduce our services. Research shows that students are more likely to seek individual help with their writing after these interactions. To schedule a face-to-face or virtual visit from the KSU Writing Center, please fill out the form below.

Classroom Visits

  • Brief introductory visits provide an overview of the KSU Writing Center’s mission and services. (10-15 minutes)
  • Faculty members must be present during any KSU Writing Center visit.

Online Classroom Visits

  • For a brief, virtual introductory visit to the KSU Writing Center and its services, faculty are encouraged to embed the video below in their exclusively online classes.

  • For extended interaction with the KSU Writing Center in exclusively online courses, faculty can schedule an Online KSU Writing Center Outreach. A writing assistant will join your class discussion board for one week (Monday - Friday) to answer questions and engage students in discussions about writing.