Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC), part of the larger fields of writing studies and rhetoric and composition, emphasizes the key role that writing plays in knowledge acquisition, assessment, and communication in all disciplines.

Currently, only the College of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a WAC faculty development initiative. CHSS Writing Across the Curriculum has two primary components:

WAC Workshop

Each fall, a one-day WAC workshop featuring a nationally recognized WAC expert is held for up to 25 fulltime CHSS faculty members. Faculty learn strategies for efficiently and effectively using writing to improve student engagement and acquisition of course material.

WAC Fellows

WAC Fellows commit to using WAC principles to revise one spring course and may receive additional support from the CHSS Dean. Fellows meet monthly as a group with the CHSS WAC Director and may also choose to work with the KSU Writing Center to arrange in-class workshops to support their work with students.

For more information on WAC or to inquire about applying to be a CHSS WAC Fellow, please contact Dr. Mary Lou Odom, CHSS WAC Director, at modom3@kennesaw.edu.