Who We Are

DecorativeThe KSU Writing Center is a resource available to all members of the KSU Community who want to become better writers and produce better writing. Our staff is composed of an eclectic mix of dedicated undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members who are passionate about writing. The Center itself is intended to be a safe, friendly place where all writers will feel comfortable receiving feedback on their work.

Mission Statement

The KSU Writing Center promotes an institutional culture that understands, values, and supports writing and literacy as integral to the intellectual, professional, and social life of the university. Recognizing that writing and learning to write are lifelong processes, the KSU Writing Center works with writers from all disciplines, levels of ability, and stages of writing. Engaging the KSU community across disciplinary, geographic, and ideological boundaries, the Center advances the use of writing across the curriculum and cultivates the 21st century literacy skills needed in today’s knowledge-based, global economy.