Workshops, Clubs, Events

WorkshopThe KSU Writing Center offers numerous opportunities to explore specific aspects and types of writing in small group settings.

Workshops, groups and clubs, and events take place in the KSU Writing Center on both campuses. See the calendar below for specific dates, times, and locations.

  • Workshops are hour-long, interactive sessions on specific writing-related topics. Join us for an introduction or quick refresher on topics like brainstorming, writing with research, or citing in a specific style. Attendance verification forms are available.

  • Clubs provide an opportunity for you to meet and work with other writers who share an interest in the same kind of writing. Check out our clubs and find the right group or club for you!

  • Events are sponsored by the KSU WC to celebrate writing throughout the University Community. Keep an eye out for events such as our "Writing Isn't Scary" Halloween celebration and our "Pizza and Papers" cram session in the UV dorms during midterms and finals.