Supporting Your Students

Regardless of discipline, faculty are essential to increasing student awareness and use of Writing Center services and resources. Please incorporate one or more of the following elements into each of your courses.

Syllabus Statement


Include the following information on your syllabi:

KSU Writing Center

You are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the KSU Writing Center, a free resource to help you improve any kind of writing in any subject. Friendly, experienced peer writing assistants work with you one-on-one to develop strategies for topic development, revision, editing, source documentation, and much more. Appointments are available online in real time as well as on both campuses (K-English 242 and M-Johnson 237) and can be scheduled one hour to two weeks in advance. The Writing Center also offers specialized support for graduate students and includes the English Language Program (formerly the ESL Center), which provides a variety of tutoring, advising, and mentoring services for students whose primary language is not English. Visit writingcenter.kennesaw.edu to reserve your appointment and to learn more about Writing Center services and online resources.


Introductory Class Visits

Encourage students in your classes to use the Writing Center by scheduling introductory visits from our Writing Assistants and Graduate Writing Coaches.  Schedule your visit here.


D2L Content

 Video Introduction


Strategies and Procedures

Encouraging Student Visits

Requiring Student Visits

We ask that all faculty encourage students to use the KSU Writing Center by taking the following three steps:    

  1. Post a link to our webpage, writingcenter.kennesaw.edu, in your D2L courses. 
  2. Schedule outreach presentations for your classes. 
    • If you are teaching asynchronous online courses, please link to our video introduction and email writingcenter@kennesaw.edu for access to a pre-recorded outreach video.
  3. Offer incentives for students who work with a writing assistant in the Writing Center.  Some examples of incentives include:
    • allowing extra time for completing an assignment
    • raising a grade for an effective revision of a graded assignment
    • adding an extra point or two to an essay grade for students who work with a Writing Assistant.  

Faculty may wish to require students to visit the Writing Center for specific assignments. For course-wide Writing Center requirements, please allow adequate time for our schedule and staff to accommodate your entire class. Note that required visits are effective only when students are prepared to be active participants in our highly collaborative sessions, and we therefore ask that faculty do the following:

  • Help students understand what to expect in a Writing Center session by directing them to that information on our website.
  • Require that students who are coming for mandatory visits have a draft ready to discuss.
  • Emphasize that students should have specific goals, topics, or questions for their Writing Assistant.
  • Provide students with feedback that enables them focus on areas in which you see room for improvement.     


Following a Writing Center session, the Writing Assistant sends an email to the instructor. Writing Assistants make every effort to send reports to the correct faculty member. Please note, however, that Writing Assistants see many writers in quick succession and do not have access to Banner; they rely on students to provide accurate instructor and course information.

Faculty seeking feedback on writing assignments or student writing processes are welcome to contact KSU Writing Center Director Dr. Mary Lou Odom (modom3@kennesaw.edu).