Info for Syllabus


Faculty are encouraged to include the following information on their syllabi:

"The KSU Writing Center helps students in all majors improve their writing. Experienced, friendly writing assistants help with topic development, revision, research, documentation, grammar, and more. For additional information or to make an appointment, visit writingcenter.kennesaw.edu or stop by English Building, Room 242 (Kennesaw campus) or Johnson Library, Room 121 (Marietta campus)."

Faculty members who seek a greater general understanding of student writing processes or designing writing assignments are welcome to contact KSU Writing Center Director Dr. Mary Lou Odom (modom3@kennesaw.edu).

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Requiring Student Visits

Requiring Student VisitsThe KSU Writing Center asks faculty not to make Writing Center visits mandatory for entire classes. Such requirements stretch the resources of the Center and may limit access for students choosing to visit the Center voluntarily. Additionally, students who visit because “the professor said we had to” may come without the investment necessary to be productive and active in our highly collaborative sessions.

We do offer several options for introducing your classes to the resources offered by the KSU Writing Center:

  • Request a KSU Writing Center classroom visit designed specifically for your writing assignments.
  • Contact writingcenter@kennesaw.edu to determine which KSU Writing Center workshops might be most useful for your students. Workshops are offered in the Center.
  • Encourage individual students to seek assistance by explaining areas in which you see room for improvement and by emphasizing how important writing is to their success.


Following a KSU Writing Center session, the writing assistant sends an email to the professor. Writing assistants make every effort to send reports to the correct faculty member. Please note, however, that assistants see many writers in quick succession and do not have access to Banner; they rely on students to provide accurate instructor and course information.

Professors who emphasize the resources available to help student writers receive better written work. The KSU Writing Center recommends that faculty in all disciplines include the following statement on their syllabi: