How We Help Writers

Individual Help with Writing

In the Center

The KSU Writing Center provides one-on-one writing help in any subject, at any level, and at any stage of the writing process. Graduate students, honors students, and even faculty members frequent the Center along with students new to the demands of college writing and majors in every discipline.

Helping you become a better writer means we focus first on the global aspects of writing: topic development, thesis construction, organization, etc. We then can help you learn to edit and proofread your work successfully.

You can get feedback on your writing in three different ways.

  • Face to Face: Work one-on-one with a Writing Assistant in the KSU Writing Center on either campus. [Suspended until face-to-face classroom instruction resumes.]
  • Online Live Feedback: Interact with a Writing Assistant using audio, video, or chat feed online
  • Online Written Response: Receive revision tips from a Writing Assistant within 48 hours of your appointment (available only to students who took 100% of their classes online before the suspension of face-to-face instruction). 

How to Make an Appointment

  • Make an appointment for online tutoring by selecting a date and time on our Appointment Calendar. (You will need to register with your NetID and password the first time you log in to the Calendar.)
  • Same-day appointments can be made one hour in advance via the Appointment Calendar.
  • So that we are able to help as many students as possible, students are limited to one session per day and three sessions per week.

How to Prepare for Your Face-to-Face or Online Live Feedback Session

  • Bring or upload your assignment guidelines and, if you have started writing, a copy of your draft.
  • Expect to spend 30 - 50 minutes discussing your writing and writing process with a friendly, knowledgeable writing assistant.

How to Prepare for Your Written Response Session

  • Click on your appointment on the Appointment Calendar. Upload your draft (as a Microsoft Word document) and your assignment guidelines.
  • Expect to receive feedback within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment time. Depending on the type of writing and the areas of focus, our writing assistants can provide feedback for up to ten pages. Please note that the longer your paper, the less detailed your feedback will be.
  • Via the Microsoft Word Comment feature, your writing assistant will address both global concerns (organization, thesis statement, etc.) and local concerns (commas, sentence structure, citations, etc.). Review all of these comments carefully.

Additional Information for Writing Center Sessions

  • If you are working on a group project, your writing assistant can discuss any sections you wrote, but all group members must be present to discuss the entire project. The greatest improvement in these projects occurs when the entire group is involved.
  • If you are more than ten minutes late and do not contact us, your appointment time may be given to another student.
  • If you are unable to keep your appointment, please cancel one day in advance via the Appointment Calendar. If you must cancel on the day of your appointment, call the KSU Writing Center at (470) 578-6380 (Kennesaw campus) or (470) 578-5005 (Marietta campus).
  • Missing three or more appointments without prior cancellation prohibits you from making appointments for the remainder of the semester.

Extra Help

If you have any trouble making an appointment, check out this video for a step-by-step tutorial:

If you have trouble joining your Online Live Feedback session, check out this video for a step-by-step tutorial:

If you have trouble accessing your Online Written Response session, check out this video for a step-by-step tutorial: