• Kennesaw Campus:
    English Building, Room 219
    (470) 578-6380

    Marietta Campus:
    Johnson Library, Room 101
    (470) 578-5005

    Email: writingcenter@kennesaw.edu

    Our hours vary based on location, semester, and service. Please check our homepage for the most current schedule. Please note that all online appointments must be made a minimum of one hour in advance.

  • Appointments are scheduled through our online scheduling system. Select the "Schedule an Appointment" button on our website.

  • The KSU Writing Center's goal is to help you become a better writer. Writing assistants will work with you at any stage of the writing process from brainstorming to organizing to developing your ideas. Writing assistants will not edit papers, but we will help you learn valuable strategies for proofreading your own work and correcting recurring errors.

  • The KSU Writing Center is a busy place, and you may find that no appointments are available.  You can always walk-in the Center to be seen in a first come, first served basis.

    To make sure you can have a specific day or time, book  your appointment a week in advance. If you need immediate help, email the KSU Writing Center. 

  • Bring a copy of your paper (if you've started on it) and your assignment sheet or guidelines. If you have a previous draft or paper on which your instructor has commented, bring that as well.

  • All online appointments are accessed through our appointment calendar WCOnline. Log in and click on the gold box indicating your appointment. Click here for detailed instructions

  • Appointments are scheduled to last 50 minutes. If the Center is not busy, the session can last longer.

    If you are a graduate student working on a very long paper or project, you may set up an extended session or series of sessions by emailing graduatewritingcenter@kennesaw.edu with your request.

  • At the beginning of the session, your writing assistant will record your name and course information. When the session is completed – the assistant will send an email notifying your professor of your visit.

  • If you are running late, please contact to us to let us know. If you're running more than ten minutes late and do not contact us, your appointment time may be given to another student. 

  • In the Center
    Each session is different, but most begin with questions from the writing assistant about your assignment, due date, and specific concerns you may have. Often the writing assistant will ask you to read your essay aloud; this practice helps you both identify areas you'd like to focus on during your session. Discussion usually begins with global concerns (thesis development, organization) and leaves punctuation and grammar until the end of the session. The writing assistant may encourage you to return with a revised draft of your essay.

    Live Feedback
    In a Live Feedback session, a writing assistant will interact with you using either audio/video feeds or a chat feed and an interactive whiteboard. You will upload a draft (if you’ve started writing) and your assignment guidelines. Like a session in the Center, the writing assistant will likely begin by addressing global concerns and move to more local concerns later in the session.

    Online Written Response
    You will begin this type of session by uploading your draft and your assignment guidelines to your appointment form. Within 48 hours, you will receive a response from a writing assistant that includes both embedded  comments in Microsoft Word and a note with suggestions for revision. Ideally, your writing assistant will give you feedback on both global concerns like the organization of your draft and point out a few instances of recurring errors, along with a written explanation of how to correct them so that you can find any additional errors in your draft.

  • That depends on your instructor's policy. If your instructor has indicated on the exam directions that help from the KSU Writing Center is permissible, then we certainly are able to help you. Remember that your instructor will receive notification that you visited the Center with that assignment.

  • KSU Writing Center assistants are happy to provide feedback on group projects, but we encourage all group members to be present for the session so that we can discuss each individual writer’s work. Writers may bring their individual sections of a paper to the Center, but the greatest improvements in group projects occur when the entire group is involved. 

  • If you are working on a very long paper or project, you may set up an extended session or series of sessions. Please email writingcenter@kennesaw.edu with these requests. Graduate students working on capstones, theses, or dissertations should contact graduatewritingcenter@kennesaw.edu.