tutoring session

  • KSU’s Graduate Writing Center is well-versed in providing technical writing guidance for mathematical and statistical manuscripts. The consultants did not shy away from niche subject areas and were able to help me write much more clearly about a difficult subject. They helped me soften the tone change from describing mathematical concepts to lay terms. They also helped with grammar, spelling, and formatting. The consultants that helped me were familiar with manuscript submission processes as well. I look forward to working with them on future manuscripts on my journey through the PhD program in Data Science.”

  •  I’ve had the pleasure of working with several graduate writing assistants and they have far exceeded my expectations. The graduate writing assistants are exceptionally knowledgeable and welcome the opportunity to educate me on the ever-evolving writing guidelines.  The Graduate Writing Center goes above and beyond to accommodate deadlines and to ensure that KSU graduate students excel with the written word.  In my opinion, I believe that the link and/or email to the Graduate Writing Center should be included on every graduate course syllabi, as this invaluable resource enhances the overall KSU experience and prepares us to accurately and effectively communicate far beyond our years at KSU.”

  • As a multilingual writer, who does not use English as my first language, having the consistent help from the KSU Graduate Writing Center has been invaluable to all my scholarly endeavors and my productivity.  Since my time at KSU, Fall 2017, I have been utilizing their services frequently. I would send the consultants my drafts from grant proposals, award applications, manuscripts for publication, to promotion dossiers about one week or sometimes two days’ notice. The consultants have always been prompt in scheduling online written response sessions and tried their best to meet my timeline for submission. The consultants’ feedback on my writing has not been limited to micro editing issues but macro issues, such as the purpose of the written genre, the intended audience, and organizational issues. I like that my writing is challenged by their detailed feedback. Their comments remind me that writing is always work in progress. I have introduced the KSU Graduate Writing Center to all my colleagues with whom I collaborate, and I will continue to do so. Their services are a gravely missed opportunity for faculty who do not get their writing checked by another set of informed eyes before submission.”