Workshop Series

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  • ELL Workshop Icon

    Hints for English Language Learners

    Writing in a new language can be difficult. This workshop will help you understand articles, prepositions, and other aspects of writing good sentences.


    • Quotation Marks

      Integrating Sources Into Essays

      Learn how to use your research to create an original argument by distinguishing what you’ve written from what your sources say. Bonus: Integrating sources effectively is the best way to avoid accidental plagiarism.


      • Globe

        Composing in MLA Style

        If you’re not sure what to put in a parenthetical citation or how to organize your Works Cited page, come to this KSU Writing Center workshop for all you need to know about MLA citation and formatting.


        • Two People

          Annotated Bibliographies vs. Literature Reviews

          Managing the research needed to tackle these unique assignments can be challenging. This workshop will teach writing and organizational strategies that will help you make sense of your sources. With great coffee and better advice, we can promise this workshop will be lit.


          • Comma

            Cutting Comma Confusion

            Commas might just be the most hated (and most misunderstood) punctuation mark. Come to this workshop and learn how to create seamless compound sentences, identify non-restrictive elements, and avoid the dreaded comma splice.


            • Computer Screen

              Using Turnitin to Your Advantage

              Do you know what Turnitin's percentages really mean? Do you ever worry about accidentally plagiarizing? In this workshop, learn the “ins and outs” of Turn-it-in and AND how you can use it to your advantage to write better papers (with no fear of plagiarism)!


              • Crossed out word: Proofread

                Revising, Editing, and Proofreading: Perfecting that Final Paper

                You may know revising, editing, and proofreading are essential to good writing, but do you know when and how to approach each step? In this workshop, we’ll teach you strategies and help you develop a foolproof plan for submitting better papers.