Getting Started

Identify Your Audience

Before you dive into creating an ePortfolio, determine who you hope will look at it. By considering your audience at the beginning of the process, you can tailor your content and style in ways that will appeal to viewers of your work. Ask yourself questions such as What will my readers want to know that is not found on my resume? What work, skills, and experiences will they find important? What might their ideal candidate look like? Write down your answers and keep this information in mind as you develop your ePortfolio.

  • What are your pursuits after graduation?
  • Who do you need to reach to further those goals?
  • What experiences, skills, or accomplishments would this person find valuable?

Gather Your Work

Keeping your target audience in mind, select projects, assignments, writing, or creative work that you are proud of and that best represent your ability to be successful in the career or academic path you have chosen. While you consider what work best highlights your interests and skills, also consider what pieces will allow you to write meaningful reflections that can communicate even more information about your growth and abilities. In addition to including a diverse range of materials that demonstrate different interests, skills, and experiences, you also should try to provide examples from various mediums: images, projects, written work, audio or video recordings, etc.