Publishing Your ePortfolio

Choose a Platform

After gathering the materials that showcase your experiences, you will need to choose a medium for publishing them. Investigate the pros and cons of various options, and select a platform based on your needs. Consider:

  • Storage Capacity: If you plan to upload images, videos, and other media to your ePortfolio, you may need a platform that can support larger file sizes by offering more storage.
  • User Support: If you are an experienced user of technology and online services, you may be confident navigating platforms on your own. Novice users may be more comfortable selecting less complex platforms with more user support.
  • Creativity: If you value artistic freedom in designing your site, look for a platform that allows more extensive customization.    

There are many online platforms to select from; some of the most popular free websites include Wix, Weebly, and WordPress. All three provide user support, but some may find Wix and Weebly to be simpler and more user-friendly. Creating a chart similar to the example below can help you select the platform that best meets your needs.

For example, if you needed a platform that is easy to use and customizable with lots of user support, Wix would probably be your best bet. 





    Adobe Spark

  • User Support
  • Ease of Use
  • Data Storage
  • Customization

Review and Revise Your ePortfolio

Each element in your ePortfolio should go through multiple revisions to ensure that it is error-free and that the quality of your work and effort will impress your audience.

  • Will your audience be able to navigate your ePortfolio easily?
  • Is each page distinguished with a clear, concise title?
  • Have you used headings/subheadings to break up your content in a logical way? 
  • Is your language appropriate for a professional context?

Meticulously review every element of your ePortfolio for both content and formatting errors. Know your strengths and weaknesses: seek help when you need it.

Troubleshoot Your ePortfolio

Before you share your ePortfolio publicly, make sure that it is “ready for prime time.” Try to view your ePortfolio through the eyes of your audience.

  • Is context provided for all content?
  • Are your references to artifacts clear?
  • Is your content accessible to all audiences?
  • Do all links work correctly?

Finally, have someone else look at your ePortfolio for these same elements.