Assignment: Writing Center Session + Reflection

Faculty are welcome to use or adapt this sample assignment to encourage/incentivize/require student Writing Center sessions.


This assignment will familiarize you with the KSU Writing Center—a free resource that enables students and faculty across the university to use writing more effectively for any purpose or context.  


Step 1 
On the Writing Center’s website (, click Schedule an Appointment. Select a time to meet with a peer Writing Assistant to work on [assignment]. Remember that you do not need a complete draft to visit the Center. Writing Assistants can help with all aspects of writing: brainstorming or narrowing topics, developing ideas, organizing paragraphs, incorporating transitions, integrating sources, improving clarity, mastering grammatical concepts, and much more. Before meeting with your Writing Assistant, read and follow the Writing Center’s tips on How to Prepare for Your Session
Step 2 
Meet with your Writing Assistant (face-to-face or virtually). 
Step 3 
After your session, write a brief (200-500 words) reflection in which you consider the questions listed below. Remember to reflect thoughtfully on your response to each question.  

  1. What goals or expectations (re: your writing/assignment) did you have prior to your Writing Center session? 
  2. What questions or concerns did you discuss with your Writing Assistant at the start of your session? What, if anything, did you share about your writing and writing experiences or about yourself as a writer? 
  3. What did you learn as a result of your Writing Center session? Try to identify at least one concept specific to the assignment you discussed and one concept that you can apply to future writing. 
  4. What surprised you most about your Writing Center session (and your conversation with your Writing Assistant)?  
  5. Looking back at the goals you had for the session, did working with a Writing Assistant help you meet those goals? 

Due Date

Your reflection is due by [date]; however, you are highly encouraged to visit the Writing Center as early (and often) as possible.


Students who complete all parts of this assignment successfully will earn [points/grade total]. (The Writing Center will send me confirmation that you met with your Writing Assistant.)