Graduate Students


The demands of writing in graduate school and the length of graduate papers, capstones, theses, and dissertations often require a different approach to Writing Center sessions.

The KSU Writing Center partners with the Graduate College to provide specialized writing coaches for graduate student writers.

To establish regular appointments with a graduate writing coach contact



  •  I’ve had the pleasure of working with several graduate writing assistants and they have far exceeded my expectations. The graduate writing assistants are exceptionally knowledgeable and welcome the opportunity to educate me on the ever-evolving writing guidelines.  The Graduate Writing Center goes above and beyond to accommodate deadlines and to ensure that KSU graduate students excel with the written word.  In my opinion, I believe that the link and/or email to the Graduate Writing Center should be included on every graduate course syllabi, as this invaluable resource enhances the overall KSU experience and prepares us to accurately and effectively communicate far beyond our years at KSU.”

  • Thanks to the Graduate [Coaches] at the Writing Center my memorandums and research papers have been error-free and easy to read. I took a five-year break between undergraduate and graduate school and was nervous my writing would not keep up with my peers. The Writing Center has eased those worries with their kind words and helpful tips. They have assisted me in telling my stories in my own way.”

  • I applied for Graduate School fully aware the KSU MSCM program consisted mainly of writing research and self-reflection papers as part of the learning curriculum.  I recall the first time I set foot in the Writing Center. I was welcomed with enthusiasm. This warm welcome made me feel I was in a good place to assist me with my writing. The Writing Center coaches provided me with various writing sources to assist me as I prepared my drafts for their review. The more I wrote the better my writing became.  I owe the success of my writing development to KSU Writing Center.”


  •  The Writing Center is one of the most wonderful services KSU can provide. As in international student having their patience, support, and intelligence made a big difference in my academic performance and emotional adjustment to a very new setting. Working with them means having better grades and learning, in a very personalized way, more adequate ways to use English as a second or third language.”

  • The Graduate Writing Center is a great resource. Entering graduate school after being out of school for over 13 years, the writing center bridged that gap. As a nurse we are trained to document in shorthand.  As a graduate student, I have to know how to write complete grammatically APA formatted sentences.  The Writing Center is very helpful and resourceful to help you with Scholarly papers.”