Source Integration Activity

Due date:


This activity will help you analyze one of your sources and practice summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting information effectively.  


Step 1: Locate a credible web source to use in your research essay (not a peer-reviewed article or other scholarly source).  

Step 2: Write a brief paragraph explaining why it is credible and why you want to use it for your project.

Step 3: Review this resource on integrating source information.  

Step 4: Re-read your source carefully and do all of the following:

  • Summarize the article in a brief paragraph.
  • Paraphrase one passage from the article (a passage is about one paragraph) into a sentence or two using your own words.
  • Directly quote one or two sentences using appropriate signal words or phrases and following up with a statement of your own interpreting/explaining/integrating the quotation.

Step 5: Exchange your work with a peer. Respond to your peer, noting where their work is effective and offering suggestions for improvement. Feedback should be constructive, substantive, and specific.  


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