Research Plan Guidelines

The goal of this activity is to explain your topic and develop a plan that will guide your research. This is a plan for how you will conduct research, not for how you will write your annotated bibliography.  


In 375–500 words, write a research plan that includes each of the following four elements: 

  1. Topic and justification: Describe your topic and briefly explain why it is important. Consider all of the following questions:  
    1. What is important about this topic?
    2. Why is more research needed on this topic?  
    3. How will your research help us better understand the topic?
  2. Research questions: List the 2-3 research questions that you are trying to answer with your research.

  3. Sources: List 2-3 of the sources—books, journal articles, research studies, etc.— you expect to use, and explain their significance in the context of your project.

  4. Questions and concerns: Share questions and concerns you have about your project at this stage and describe strategies you might employ to overcome challenges. 

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