Essay Outline Discussion

Due date


Step 1: Create an outline for your essay, following classical argument structure. 
Classical argument structure:  

  • Section I – Introduction. Introduce your issue and state your thesis.
  • Section II – Context or background information. Explain the issue, clarify the problem, and present your argument for how the problem should be addressed.
  • Section III – Claim/stance and argument.  
  • Section IV – Opposition and counterargument. Address a major opposing viewpoint: explain and then refute it.
  • Section V – Conclusion. Remind the reader of your central argument and major claims.

Step 2: Once you have created your outline, post it in the discussion forum for your classmates to review.

Step 3: Finally, review two classmates’ outlines and provide feedback.  
Questions to consider:

  • Is the thesis clearly and concisely stated?
  • Is there adequate background information to set the stage for the argument? Is there too much background information?  
  • What are the strengths of the argument? What are its weaknesses? How could the writer strengthen the argument?
  • Has an opposing viewpoint been identified and explained clearly and fairly? Has the writer adequately refuted the opposing viewpoint?
  • Do all of the main points clearly relate to the thesis? 


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