Conversation Partners Program

The Conversation Partners Program is a FUN, FREE program open to all international and native English-speaking students, faculty, and staff at KSU. At the start of each fall and spring semester, international participants are paired with native English-speaking partners in a mutual exchange of languages, cultures, and friendship. Partners are asked to meet at least six times during the semester at places and times of their choosing. 

The Conversation Partners Program welcomes hundreds of participants each fall and spring semester, and these participants represent dozens of countries from every region of the world.


group of students participating in CPP

  • I am deeply thankful for the chance to be part of the CPP program. The program offered me the unique opportunity to meet and befriend with people from various backgrounds, enriching my life and broadening my worldview. These interactions have provided invaluable insights into diverse cultures, enhancing my appreciation of the world. Most crucially, the CPP program played a pivotal role in improving my English skills. It provided a nurturing environment that perfectly aligned with my primary goal of language mastery. I am immensely grateful for the growth and learning this program has afforded me.”


Kennesaw State University’s Conversation Partners Program is currently recruiting participants for Spring 2024 on both the Kennesaw campus and the Marietta campus!

Application to the Coversation Partners Program

We ask that you meet with your partner a minimum of 6 times over the course of the semester at places and times of your choosing. You can go for a walk, meet for lunch, talk over a cup of coffee, visit a gallery, or take in a show, or enjoy any number of other fun and interesting activities. 
We offer the choice of online OR in-person. Whichever you are more comfortable with is fine. 

For further information or to join the Conversation Partners Program, email or The deadline to join the Conversation Partners Program is February 5, 2024.